The archive of the first decade in New York.

The Protoscape

Foam, knives, and some found materials.


Table of Contents

Plywood excavated by a handheld router, books, speakers, sawdust, shavings, and voice memos. 2013/14

Function Follows Form

Functions Follow Form

Symptomatic Selection

Symptomatic Selection

Good Riddance to Guidance

Good Riddance to Guidance


The Ascendants and Descendance of Earth

The Descendents of light

The Ruins of Sensation

The Domain of the Event Surrounding and Surpassing the Absolute

In the Wake of Obsolescence

These works were made from discarded circuit boards that I collected during my morning walks and later through partnerships with the Lower East Side Ecology Center.  In addition to discarded circuit boards are active electronics, micro-controlled actuators, projections, and animations.  circa late '00 to preteens.

Linguistic Interventions

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." competed for most of this series, though there were a few sculptures. At first a narrative, then a test of efficiency, then a metanarrative of process, active meditation, and the separation of environment, context, and mind.  Ink on rice paper, 9 x 9" circa mid-late 2000s