Resting between two and three dimensions as color-shifting pigments on waves of fabric in curvaceous pools of epoxy, like glossy dimensional frescoes-- the works emerging from 'In Medias Res' wrestle with our connections to consciousness, in an extended environmental cosmos comprised of energy, time, and space.  Likewise, these pieces are propagated through a process moving through states of comparative research, opinion, imagination, and faith to collapse into forms which for me comprise a first contact in acknowledging that the universe is imbued with life.

These works began as written mantras on a surface in radial motion, and while these words erode into color fields as spaces that are simultaneously real and imagined, just like the moments in which those words were so important both persist and fade, these fields become the backdrop of information beyond the space we know to reach for, at once both intangible and illegible yet a truth existing within the mind's grasp. 

While comparing what we observe, believe, and theorize about the shape of our reality and transforming it into visual material-- Stafford's process is essentially swimming and sewing through the waves of subject and context, frame and format as competitively interwoven in their stated compositions, not unlike all matters of perception and abstraction.  As the symbols erode from their original inspirations and mantras to a dualistic investigation of the portal as described in art theory and physics at the edge of relativity, they begin to reflect on many philosophies and variations of the shape of existence at the intersection of our observational universe and model-dependent realities. 

Having planted the roots of this practice in the vast and rugged environments of Alaska and Arizona, he has always found comfort in vast nature and an interest in its connection to consciousness and our awareness as someone who grew up with an unusual form of epilepsy which he has navigated throughout his life.  Depthening this resolution in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and now in Brooklyn, this work grapples with our relationship to physicality, the dimensions of our influence, and ultimately the expansion of our environment to accept frontiers of humanity to systems beyond an Earth alone mentality as we begin our chassé towards the stars as this narrative comes closer into focus for humanity.


Mark Lawrence Stafford

from Anchorage, Alaska

 to Brooklyn, New York



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Collections upon request.  Mark Stafford lives and works in Brooklyn, New York